Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Live Updates - Day 59

19:00 - The Housemates get down and busy in the garden making a close-up smile.

18:30 - The Housemates try to take their picture off the board, Dillish said she wanted to keep hers and she did.

18:00 - HoH Bimp reads the Power of No Task brief twice so that the Housemates can understand.

17:22 - Alusa feels that he has to be harsh on some of his group members so that they can win their Wager.

17:00 – “I see myself as a beautiful ambassador for any brand heading my way,” says Beverly. She says her dream is to own her own cosmetics range.

16:20 – The Housemates rehearse their lines for their film making sure everyone is on the same page.

16:00 – Jazz tells Big Brother that cracks are starting to show between the Emerald Housemates. She’s worried that the others may start being suspicious.

15:40 - Feza shares her story of her brother who is a heroin addict. She has promised to help Nando look for his brother when they get back home. Nando's family does not know where his brother, who is also addicted to drugs, is.

15:30 – Eveva tells Biggie that she has been keeping her eye on Nando and she sees that he is chasing after Dillish. She says Nando’s chase may be successful because of how long the Housemates have been living together. “These things just go with the flow Biggie,” she says.

15:15 – Sulu says he is confident about Thursday’s Task Presentation. “I know about character development so acting is not a problem for me,” he says.

14:55 – Angelo is first up in the Diary Room. He says he’s happy with he’s team. “I’m very positive about our movie,” he tells Biggie.

14:30 – Nando leads his group in their preparation for this week’s Task. He talks them through their film with Angelo’s help.

14:00 – The Housemates sit in the garden going over their scripts for tomorrow’s Task Presentation.

13:35 – JJ suggests they also come up with original songs for their films.

13:15 – Biggie calls all Housemate into the House.

13:00 – Alusa, Elikem and JJ work on their fight scene to make sure it looks realistic.

12:35 – Beverly says Emerald girls have the most issues. Alusa agrees but also says that the girls from Diamond and Ruby House act more like boys. Meanwhile Eveva and Sophie are in the bathroom talking about how unfair Jazz was being about her facial scrub.

12:30 – “Eveva woke up at some ridiculous hour and started singing,” Alusa says as he and Jazz complain about her early morning singing.

12:15 – Elikem, Alusa and Angelo try to figure out who will be the camera man and director for their Film at tomorrow's Task Presentation.

11:30 – Sulu brings JJ up to speed with everything that happened in the Diamond and Ruby Houses from the most exciting House Swaps to Housemates he misses the most.

11:05 – Sulu talks to JJ about this week’s Eviction. “At the end of the day this is not my House, somebody has to go home,” says Sulu. “Africa loves you. Sulu International! You are a real African man,” JJ responds encouragingly.

10:45 – Elikem, dressed in his red towel, works out in the lounge.

10:20 – Dillish is worried that Housemates are still asleep instead of rehearsing. “Biggie please play some music to wake them up,” she shouts.

10:10 – Elikem shows off his dance moves while Dillish sings along and eats her breakfast. “JJ, I’m loving this food so much. How about tomorrow?” she shouts.

09:45 – JJ washes dishes and cleans the kitchen while Angelo is hard at work, plotting out the scene for this week’s Task.

09:30 – Angelo is enjoying Biggie’s music selection today as he sings along to every song.

09:00 – Zimbabwe’s JJ had yet another extended exercise session long after the personal trainer had left. Meanwhile, Angelo is making breakfast in the kitchen.

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