Thursday, July 25, 2013

Live Updates - Day 60

17:25 - Feza says it took hearing that some Chasemates had seen some of the Emeralds at auditions to convince her that they are real contenders.

17:00 - The Chasemates are excited about the celebrities that are coming tonight and they rush to polish up their acting roles for the Presentation.

16:15 - Alusa says the Emeralds are 80 percent done with their mission before saying his last words to Africa.

16:00 - "I tend to critically analyse things and situations and I'm never wrong. I'm not convinced," Annabel says.

15:50 - "We've merged, we're all in one House. What's there to doubt?" Melvin queries in response to Biggie's concern on how he feels about the Emeralds.

15:35 - Diary sessions start with Dillish who says she's looking forward to "big fatty food" so losing tonight's Presentation is not an option.

15:20 - The Chasemates are excited to be finally relieved from wearing their tooth costumes. HoH Bimp says they should collect all the props and leave them in the garden.

15:00 - Africa’s film stars, Jackie Appiah from Ghana (AMVCA Best Actress - Drama) and AMVCA Best Director winner Akin Omotoso will be Big Brother's guest judges during tonight's Movie Task Presentation at 19:00 CAT. Stay tuned to catch every moment.

14:50 - Cleo says she still wants to pursue her dream of being a pilot. Nando responds in jest saying "I want to be a pirate."

14:00 - Nando, Sulu and Angelo complain about missing sex. "It's worse if you can't even eat," Sulu says.

13:00 - Tooth Angelo rallies the other teeth to fight the dentist. "We will go to the kitchen, we will eat and we (teeth) will never be clean again."

12:30 - Tooth Dillish leads the Tooth-costume clad Chasemates in song as Dentist Sulu brushes them (teeth). "You're my sunshine, my lovely sunshine," she sings flashing the widest Close Up smile.

11:50 - Elikem tells Sophie that whoever survives this week's Eviction is a strong contender and the Chasemates must be scared of him/her.

11:30 - The male Teeth decide to hump Tooth Dillish in the garden and it looks like she liked it. "She took it like a pro," Tooth JJ says.

11:00 - Every time the buzzer sounds, the Chasemates (teeth) must run to the garden and form a smile then Dentist Sulu should brush them with the giant toothbrush.

10:38 - After the burger emerges as the winning choice, Sulu calls for someone to speak on behalf of the burger nation and the Ice Queen, Cleo takes the stand. "Can I get a oohhoo!"

10:30 - As a reward for the team that wins tonight's Movie Task Presentation, Biggie wants the Chasemates to Vote; will it be pizza, burgers and chips, fish and chips, fried chicken or grilled chicken? The confusion is hilarious!

10:15 - Eveva and Alusa retreat to the garden to rehash their game plan. She says Annabel has been asking difficult questions that are close to blowing off their top.

10:00 - Eveva flirts with Angelo as she massages him. He asks her when was the last time she had sex and why she's single. "There's massage and there's foreplay guys," Alusa remarks as Eveva takes the massage to another level.

09:50 - "Oh my goodness I can't believe I'm touching this sexy body," Eveva moans as she treats Angelo to a sensual massage in the lounge. Should Beverly be worried?

09:30 - Eveva gets up on a high this morning; wears a sexy embellished belly-dancing top with an equally seductive skirt. Starts dancing in the kitchen while Angelo does his push-ups.


  1. The emerald HM should pick up a fight wit any original HM asking a lot of far as am concerned,they r not pulling any stunts on d original HM..they shld have stirred up trouble or broken d bonds dat exist amongst d original HM,so they can start nominating each other..instead of d same pattern of nominations we get every monday.

    1. You so right, only EVeva is trying. The rest are so happy being in the house rather than follow protocol. This days you automatically know who will be norminated. No cool ey!!!

  2. Elikem ol the way