Saturday, July 27, 2013

Live Updates - Day 62

22:00 - The Housemates are all dolled up and ready to party with Grandpapa Foxxy DJ at the Channel O Party.

21:30 - While the ladies Beverly and Dillish are dancing in front of the mirror, Nando sat on the couch playing with his cap.

21:00 - Biggie puts on the music and the Housemates do what they love: dancing in front of the mirror.

20:13 - Melvin and Elikem get caught up in an intense game of table tennis.

19:45 - Melvin screams when Bimp twists his arm while sitting on him. Melvin shout back at him saying he is weak.

19:20 - The Housemates discuss Nominations and how they use Nominations as a card to threaten one another.

19:00 - Oneal and his woman Feza spend some quality time chatting in the Jacuzzi.

18:40 - Annabel is now awake and is preparing food while the boys tease each other.

18:00 - Sulu cuts and spices up the fish, preparing to place it on the frying pan.

17:25 - Dillish tells Melvin how hard she's been praying to escape Nominations and how much it terrifies her.

16:45 - Feza starts running the water in the sink before she washes the dishes. There is no one downstairs and a few Housemates are sleeping.

16:05 - Nando andBimp could not hide their disappointment when Biggie announced that their Rendezvous session had ended. "That was good times yo," Nando declared.

15:35 - Nando andBimp have been in the Rendezvous Room enjoying a little one on one time and having fun playing video games.

14:38 - "I always speak the truth," declared Nando after the Housemates' interrogative Airtel Picnic Show this afternoon. "Even when people do not want to hear it," Feza concurred.

14:07 - Tempers flared among the Housemates as they discuss the distribution of alcohol in the House. Some of the Housemates feel that others have been selfish when it comes to booze.

13:59 - "Pick me or Elikem," Nando tells Annabel. "You are putting me in an uncomfortable position," the Kenyan retorted.

13:20 – Elikem says it’s not necessarily about making it to the end of the game. “I’ve seen people who leave early in the game get more fame,” he says. He then shares his dream for The Chase Fashion Tour.

13:10 – With Natasha and Bassey out of The Chase, Sulu decides to host a show in honour of the entertainers. “This is the Natasha BBA Show, I’m just the host,” he says as he calls up Cleo for an interview.

13:05 – The Housemates all gather outside for their picnic. They send shout outs to Airtel, thanking the sponsor for all the goodies. “Mmmm Airtel, making life better,” shouts Dillish.

12:45 – Dillish thinks she must have been a stripper in her past life, “because I’m always popping booty, giggling and smiling,” she said.

12:20 – Beverley lays out blankets and gets everything ready for their picnic today.

12:05 - Biggie announces that the storeroom is open. Annabel is the first to walk in. She brings out baskets of goodies for their picnic. "Chocolates and chocolates and chocolates," she says.

11:25 - "The day I put a ring on a woman, that will be the greatest moment of my life." - Sulu

11:05 – Sulu tells Angelo that being in the House has help him look introspectively at his life and character. “I’ve really done Sulu Therapy,” he says.

10:45 – Angelo and Sulu sit outside in the garden talking about the importance of cleaning. The two share a laugh like old friends again.

10:30 – Elikem dances in the living room then sends a shout out to his girl and Evicted Zimbabwean Housemate, Pokello.

10:00 - Elikem looked calm and cool as cucumber while in the Ruby kitchen making himself a cup of coffee. Clearly the Ghanaian is not letting his face-off with Nando last night get him hot under the collar any more.

09:45 - Angelo headed outside to the garden armed with cleaning liquid and an all-purpose cloth to get the Ruby windows spic and span.

08:30 - Just call them the dust busters! Sulu and Angelo left no stone unturned in the quest to bust the dust out of the House; cleaning here, there and everywhere. So it looks like all has been forgiven and forgotten after the Zambian put Angelo up for Eviction. Are you glad to see Angelo and Sulu looking like tight buddies again?

08:00 - Most of the Rubies have chosen to take full advantage of their weekend break from the daily exercise by getting in some extra hours of sleep.


  1. Nando is not mature at all night he is been influence by O'Neil and feza we give Ghana the best at this junction

  2. Yes, Elikem behaved maturedly

  3. Elikem is immature

  4. Not only that he Oneal will stay in his country with him stupid wisdom only cos after this we from west Africa will show him there is life after BBA. am sad that biggie is not checking these guys, sally poured drink on pokello and Biggie was all with his stupid punishment, but Nando is sharpening knifes, Oneal is given bad advices and instigating others against their fellow house mates, feza is gossiping all over the house and coursing confusion yet Biggie is quiet abt it, what i show what a double standards. Am soo ashamed abt the Game thing and am wondering what is African abt this Biggie tell us now. Very soon the show will losse it credibility and we will not use our hard earned money to pay for it again. Biggies u better sit up. Nando attitude to Elikem is influenced by Feza, ever since that swap request and Feza not been truthful about it to her friends.. Elikem keep bn matured and play your game.