Sunday, July 28, 2013

Live Updates - Day 63

22:30 - Nando's third Strike means he is disqualified from The Chase. He is not allowed to say goodbye to his former Housemates.

22:15 - Big Brother issues Nando with his 3rd and final Strike for "carrying a pair of scissors and hiding it under your bed and threatening to kill Elikem."

22:00 - Big Brother addresses the Elikem/Nando fight. Big Brother issues Nando with a second Strike for provoking Elikem. Elikem is also issued his first Strike for losing his temper.

19:29 - The Chasemates reminisce about the past Evictions. They try and recall who saved whom and the order of the Evictions.

17:28 - Elikem says he misses home alot. His mom, his work, his bike and he's hoping to see Pokello when he gets out.

17:10 - The Eviction Diary sessions start with Annabel who admits to being "pretty nervous today.

16:35 - Dillish and Annabel talk about how they miss seeing children and even traffic.

16:05 - The Housemates start putting their outfits together for tonight's Eviction Show.

15:00 - It's shopping time! Oneal makes his way down tot he lounge to select items for himself and his boo Feza.

14:15 - Feza, Oneal and Nando haven't left the bedroom since last night. The other Housemates dance and have fun without them.

13:10 - The Housemates discuss their plans for the future. "I want to buy a House for my family," Dillish says.

12:10 - "You can't mix sex, smoking and drinking. Choose one addiction otherwise you'll die quickly," Elikem tells Bimp.

11:45 - Elikem, Sulu, Dillish and Cleo dance up a storm, while other Housemates do their laundry.

10:00 - It's morning and clearly some Housemates are struggling to wake up. Melvin is not a struggler though and busies himself with washing the dishes.

10:15 - The Nominated Housemates get their hair styled. The Housemates are clearly happy with the looks they chose. Nothing but smiles all round.

11:10 - Sulu, completely oblivious to the fact that he is also up for possible Eviction tonight, spent the entire morning dancing on the lawn with Elikem.

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