Friday, July 26, 2013

Missing The Emeralds?

Who knew the Chasemates could keep their mouths zipped?

It would seem since the Emeralds left last night, the House has been thrown into a completely weird state. Instead of the usual noise and merrymaking, most of the Housemates decided to sleep or hide away in their own little corners.

As usual, Feza and Oneal kept to themselves and discussed the game and its players. After giving Beverly a sexy lap dance, Angelo lost steam and headed for the bedroom. Elikem and Melvin bonded on the other hand. The two Chasemates played an hour-long round of table tennis and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The only time the House stirred was when the smell of a yummy supper cooking on the stove wafted through the House. One by one, the still groggy from sleep Chasemates headed down the stairs hoping for a taste of dinner.

We can understand why the Housemates may be feeling a little under the weather. Who would not miss Eveva and her crazy antics, talkative Alusa, cheery JJ, happy Jazz and boisterous Busi?

By Ngeti Dlamini

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