Monday, July 01, 2013

Nando Wants Dillish!

Bimp had some stunning news to share with Big Brother this afternoon.

After crushing on Selly for weeks and eventually getting a piece of her, Nando is on to the next one.

In his Diary Session today, Bimp revealed how he has taken on the role of Dillish's bodyguard because he doesn't trust sneaky Nando.

According to the Ethiopian, Nando has been stealthily trying to make moves on Dillish, despite the fact that he was with Selly for a couple of days.

Selly on the other hand told Big Brother she is not in a relationship in the House, following Nando's cold behaviour. "He's complicated, so I've decided to withdraw from him. I just want to be alone at this point. He is a wild guy", Selly confessed, in her one on one session.

This morning during the Nomination Sessions, Nando put Selly on the chopping block, because "she doesn't take part in group activities". How things change quickly in Nando's world!

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. This guy Nado he thinks being a player will help him win the money but he is worng,

  2. He is loosing his grip big time,playing with people's feelings, women for that matter? 00ps ask Bolt, nandos is will be flame grilled soon.

  3. His just a fool,fooling fools like Selly.

  4. Rem nando said none of his family members nor relations knows where he is now.I pity him! But wat do u expect frm a Ghetto boy dat carries knife to suceed!4get d ascent mayb he was jailed in states b4 he came to bba

  5. Nando, Nando,Nando how many times did I call you? I want to ask if you are really an African? Playing with people's emotion, your wife inclusive has a bomarangering effect. You are too rough. Be careful and learn Africa culture and value. One love Nigerans all over the world

  6. we are so voting him out..stupid ass of a guy feeling like he is all that n i can bet that his dick is my short finger nail and he cant even use it if not he would have wow selly in bed..

  7. he is just a fool but i wont blame him cause selly is the one who gave her self so cheaply