Saturday, July 13, 2013

Natasha's Airtel Show

Natasha brought her Airtel Talk Show to the Diamond garden this afternoon.

Natasha didn't beat about the bush and got right to the crux of things during a revealing interview on her Saturday afternoon show.

Her first guest was Nando, who was asked about everything ranging from sex to the rumours that he is bipolar. The Tanzanian gave frank answers and revealed some eyebrow raising details about when he first had sex as well how he has never been in a relationship. "I just hit and quit and have never been in a real relationship with anyone", he said.

When he was asked about the women in the house and who he is sexually attracted to, Nando said Dillish and Selly. "Dillish told me she has a man so I moved on. I don’t have tolerance for girlie stuff so I gave up with Selly", Nando said. The garden grew quiet as Selly stared at the ground with her fellow Housemates hanging on to Nando's every word.

Next up was Bimp who acknowledged that he is sexually attracted to Dillish and Beverly. When asked if he gets erections when he shares a bed with her, he said "Of course I do".

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Awwww Nando u ar such a freak!!! How cud u finished selly like dat? Selly pls just apply for voluntry eviction cos I don't know wat u ar still doin in dat house dis disgrace is too much. Pls go home and take kia of ur bleached face!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hahahaha so so true. Bleached face indeed ma dear. She fell cheap to nando and mess up up hasef. Now she's in mess. No rest for her in house

    2. Natasha is fake. She is very stupid for bringing dat topic bcos she is nt in good terms wit selly. She tinks dis is ruby house.she tins she can use dat to expose her fello housemates weakness not fair. She just want to make jest of all of dem. Bad woman well she will soon go malawians bet me frm 9ja.

  2. It is clear now that Nando is de one to blame bit Selly,as he says he has never been in a serious relationship he just 'hit and quit' Grow up Nando!!!siiiissss

  3. And Selly was busy bragging that the ladies are jelous because the guys finds her very sexy. Nando just played u

  4. IF it was not for Fatty Nat "Natasha" then we would never had heard the let's vote for Natasha so that we would gather more info about the housemates!!! #teamnatasha

  5. Dumb housemates.....She is putting housemates on the spot..Who has done an interview or put her on the spot?using the show to xpose other housemates...