Thursday, July 04, 2013

Nigeria, Ethiopia Union In The BBA House

Bimp and Beverly hooked up to form a couple as required by this weeks task. Although the two were not among the best couple showing the Most intimate Gesture, Beverly seems to have an in-thing with Ethiopia’s Bimp.

But it seems Bimp does not want to be intimate with Nigerian Model. Is it because of her looks? Or her body form? Or is he just not into ladies?

Bimp was seen lying on bed with Beverly by his side in the evening. Beverly looked restless and was seen on Bimp’s arm. Bimp is trying to relax, but Beverly was fidgeting under-covers.

Housemates usually like confusing us the views, the question we are putting a cross is, are this two just friends or geared for something what do you think?


  1. Bimp is running frm bervely's weave on..its removal is long overdue n I cn imagine d scent. Berv be a decent lady n do smemfin abt ur forest..lmao

  2. Bev can never be a lady. She is horrible

  3. Dey r just good friends nothing more