Sunday, July 07, 2013

Nominations Diary: 'People Don't Like Me' - Selly

"People do not like me because of all the attention surrounding me," Selly insisted to Biggie.

The Ghana woman speculated with Big Brother about the possible reasons for her being put up for Eviction by the Diamonds. "You know how girls are. I don't think any other girl has had as much attention as me," she rationalised.

At the end of her session she told Biggie that when it's all said and done she has no regrets about her time in the House. She also told Africa that should she be sent home tonight then she hopes that Ghana will continue to support her fellow countryman Elikem. Luckily for her she won't be sent home packing tonight because HoH Melvin decided to save her from Eviction and put Hakeem in her place.

As for Elikem, the Ghanaian was a hot topic during this evening Nomination Diary sessions. His on and off lover Pokello told Biggie that she believes his decision to move Feza to the Diamond House was partly because he feels that the Tanzanian is too much of a game player.

First time Nominee Fatima also had the Ghana fellow on mind. She told Big Brother that right now she feels confused by the way things are with Elikem and Pokello right now and where her relationship with him is headed.

In a few hours we will found out who Africa is sending home. Who will it be?

By Lihle Jacobs

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