Monday, July 08, 2013

Nominations: 'No Time For Sister-Sister Relationships' - Sulu

The tension in the Diary Room during Nominations could be sliced with a butcher’s knife. With the on and off couple Elikem and Pokello trying to eliminate Natasha and Sulu, you could tell that they had discussed who they want out of the game.

Pokello and Natasha had the most votes, each getting four Nominations this week. You could tell that there is beef between the two camps; Sulu with Natasha and of course Elikem and Pokello. Sulu had Nominated Natasha though saying that there is no longer time for a sister-sister relationship and that the Chase was now on. Sulu had gotten away with just two Nomnations out of seven, not too bad for the Zambian businessman.

The least voted for Ruby was philosopher and Botswana born Oneal who also Nominated the Ruby couple but specifically having beef against Elikem for swapping his lady love Feza. The Chase is definitely now on as the Housemates now practice backstabbing and conniving because the situation requires such measures. Good luck to all Nominees.

Ruby Nominations:

Selly: Oneal and Pokello
Natasha: Elikem and Pokello
Pokello: Natasha and Sulu
Angelo: Elikem and Natasha
Elikem: Natasha and Sulu
Oneal: Pokello and Elikem
Sulu: Natasha and Pokello

Ruby Nomination Results:

Natasha & Pokello - 4
Elikem - 3
Sulu - 2
Oneal - 1
Angelo & Selly - 0

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Natasha can be up 4 posible aviction bt Africa will still safe her

  2. Pokkelo she is not going anywhere

  3. pliz hoh save our natasha

    1. We will don't worry, but u should also vote!!

  4. Let ur votes do †ђξ talking #Natasha

  5. Who is the head of house

  6. Pokelo n Natasha mst leave nw, I've had enough of them worse Natasha. Yesterday I thought someone died

    1. Lolz. Me too with Natasha's cries of hypocrisy.

  7. Who's d ruby head of house?

  8. Oneal save sulu nd put selly on the chopping board.she'full of herself

  9. Pokello just gat to leave d game with selly 2 of dem are just so full of dem self.

  10. *Sulu is weak, he tries to be like o'niel nd angelo,but he cnt because he is a guy of ppl and they not
    *O'niel saves elikem the guy who he nominated and puts the chick that saved him once
    *Natasha no words u rock!
    *Feza a witch with a knife! Go home!