Monday, July 01, 2013

Nominations: Off With Fatima's Head!

Fatima is wanted out of the game and she is wanted out now.

Fatima is treading on thin ice this week, after scoring five Nominations; the highest this week in the Ruby House.

The Malawian was Nominated by Sulu, Feza, Oneal, Angelo and Annabel, who all seem perplexed by her erratic mood swings. "She's been giving so many people the cold shoulder. I really don't get her", Sulu said, while Feza told Big Brother how Fatima is too tense and negative for her liking. Oneal was as candid as they come with his reasons as well. "Fatima is a flip flopper", he said, without missing a beat.

Fatima on the other hand threw her dagger at Feza, citing her as the strongest female in the game. "I think its time to get rid of all the females. I must be the only one still", Fatima said.

This week's Head of House, Elikem comes in a close second with three Nominations, from Feza, Oneal and Annabel. Oneal pulled the trigger in Elikem's direction because "He is easily manipulated and emotional".

Ruby Nominations:

Sulu - Annabel & Fatima
Fatima - Feza & Annabel
Feza - Elikem & Fatima
Oneal - Elikem & Fatima
Elikem - Oneal & Natasha
Natasha - Feza & Oneal
Angelo - Natasha & Fatima
Annabel - Fatima & Elikem

Ruby Nomination Results:

Fatima - 5
Elikem - 3
Annabel, Feza, Oneal & Natasha - 2

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. She deserves it she is the coz of the rift btwn hacleo bt destiny will define the outcome of eir relationship

  2. Hw is she d cause?amebo.

  3. Chineke! The game don start Biggie

  4. Woow this week is going to be yet another interesting week...Feza and Oneal are conniving against Elikem to try sort out the beef between Feza and Pokie..interesting fro sure

  5. Fatima is already evicted! Yes she told hakeem so many tinks about his rship wt cleo n Oneal!dat girl is bad! Biggie bring all out n evict 3 by sunday plz!

  6. This means then that Eilkem will definitely put up Feza on the you go back time

    1. I guess ua dreaming,coz Elikem will replace either Natasha or Oneal.

  7. Feza joins the eviction block yippeee of course Eilkem will save himself for her....Payback time.

  8. Elikem wiln't replace himself wiz feza coz she saved him in diamond huz so it wil oneal or natasha.

  9. Elikem ll save himself and replace wit natasha. Wit natasha in, we can c fatima goin bt wit feza......:........