Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nominees' Hair Dressing Session

As per usual our Nominees had their hair done this morning. Melvin had his Mohawk freshened up with a clipper and brush and Beverly also opted for touch ups on her weave. Dillish stood next to them professing her drunken state, Beverly was hung over as well.

Hung over as she was, with a cigarette in hand, Beverly recalled the insults she was throwing around last night. “I remember I said somebody is stupid, that’s all I remember, “ the Nigerian model said as she puffed away her hang over. Bassey told them that Cleo was so drunk last night she kept kissing him on his cheek and telling him how much she loves him, as a friend of course.

Natasha, who’s back on the Nomination's chopping block, sat on the hairdresser’s chair in silence awaiting her new look that would prepare her for the day ahead. The Malawian woman seemed a bit worried about something. Could it be that she is thinking about the Eviction Show later tonight? Or could she be strategizing on how to survive the Diamond House. We’ll never know what this humanitarian could be cooking in her thoughts. Enjoy your treat guys.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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