Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Oneal van Gogh At Work Again

Whenever there is a Task that calls upon the Housemates to get in touch with the master artists within them you can bet your last penny that Oneal will step up to the plate.

The Tswana fellow has spent the better of the morning putting the finishing touches on the Ruby House’s wedding car for his and Feza’s impending nuptials in this week’s Wedding Task. Oneal has already proven himself to be quite handy with a paintbrush as he did a splendid job on the Rubies’ paintings when the Housemates had an Art Task.

Today he worked his magic on the cardboard vehicle with Angelo and HoH Elikem providing assistance. So far the Rubies seem to be coming along well their Task and we can’t wait to see what their wedding will be like once they have put the finishing touches on everything.

Do you think the Rubies will continue with their winning streak come Task Presentation time on Thursday?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. He is very talented guy

  2. I love Oneaza and I hope they will not disappoint me by saying no to each other.Carry Go oneal

  3. oneaza diz da couple of the year...bring diz lady home....