Friday, July 05, 2013

Oneaza Talks Music

The newlyweds were talking about music this morning when Feza told her man that when she hadn’t been listening to music for a long time, people used to come up to her and start talking about American famed rapper Drake and how awesome he was on his rap but she was never interested in his music at all. It seems people might have wanted her to collaborate with the rapper.

When Feza had started doing her music, her mother didn’t understand why she didn’t have a band and no instruments. So Feza had to school her and tell her that people no longer use live bands or instruments and that all these could be found in a well-equipped studio. She said her mother was not entirely convinced that she’s doing music even though the Tanzanian had explained how the music industry works nowadays.

Oneal asked her whether she knew another American all-round musician, Ryan Leslie, who had been in the industry for a while and produced his own music, from vocals to the beat itself. Ultimately all artists aspire to be like this American artist because he had pioneered the art of making your own music from the ground up. Feza knew of Ryan but wasn’t entirely aware of what he does. It seems Oneal would like Feza to be like the American icon if her music is to make people all over the world stand up and listen.

It’s nice to see him showing an interest in his woman’s music. Oneal could just be what this lady needs for her career, but let’s not jump the gun.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


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