Sunday, July 14, 2013

Party: Emeralds Shake Things Up

Today the Housemates were in for a huge surprise when they headed out to the party and found some new faces in the House waiting for them.

This evening Biggie had six fake Emerald Housemates Eveva, Jazz, JJ, Busi, Sofi and Alusa join the Channel O Party. These new faces in the Big Brother House had some of the Chasemates so mesmerised that they couldn’t even make it to the dance floor where DJ Kenny Klips was holding it down on the ones and twos. Instead they were glued to the glass doors where they tried hard to speak to the mysterious Housemates through the glass.

Some of the Housemates just couldn’t contain their excitement when they learned that they had fellow country-mates in their mist. Eventually the Rubies and Diamonds shook of their initial shock hit the floor. In the cyber sphere many of you had a lot to say about Biggie’s trickery on the Rubies and Diamonds.

Here is what some of you had to share about the Emerald Housemates on Twitter:

@sashapumkin - Lmao true true! RT @Mzlianne: The fake Emerald housemates are getting my poor babies worked up! Kwaaaaaaa! #bbathechase

@Caroline_Ford90 - if I were in dat house i'd be fooled aswell #BBATheChase biggie u rock!

@olise__ogbolu - The ruby house mates and the Diamond house mates are so dazed and confused knowing the Emerald house does exist #BBATheChase

@YumYumPatani - Eviva is just too hot & az 4 her hair Errr..its outta dis world..itz lyk da kinda bush ud find seperating Saturn 4rm Uranus #BBATheChase

@DyamondRuby - Big up to the Emerald housemates!!! Eveva has outdone herself and Koketso has a twin sister. #bbathechase

By Lihle Jacobs

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