Saturday, July 20, 2013

Party: Sexy, Fun Times!

The first Channel O Party since the merger on Friday evening, kicked off in superb fashion this evening.

All kinds of crazy dance moves were witnessed as DJ PQ from Tanzania spun the hottest tunes from the continent, as well as the globe. The first order of business as soon as the Housemates hit up the party zone was the bar of course, where Sulu poured copious amounts of alcohol into waiting glasses.

Emeralds JJ and Busi, as well as Pokello, Elikem, Cleo and Dillish opened up the dance floor with interesting dance moves, which brought the other Housemates crawling in from the sidelines.

Pretty soon, the dance floor was jam-packed with sweaty, sexy bodies. The sexy Chase girls went all out with their outfits (as they always do), while the guys opted to go more casual.

There was no shortage of miniskirts and shorts as our stylish girls showed out for the party. When the deejay played one of Feza's music video's, the party zone stood at full attention. Bassey and Melvin hoisted the gorgeous Tanzanian into the air like the proverbial flag and handed her over to Oneal, who planted the hugest kiss on her lips.

As is the norm, Twitter was abuzz as soon as the party kicked off. Check out what our fellow Chase addicts had to say about the party! If you have anything to say as well, follow BBA @BigBroAfrica

Tweethearts speak:

@Imohley - @BigBroAfrica Beverly is going to forget her teeth in Angelo's mouth one of dis days #BBATheChase

@zakhem365 - @BigBroAfrica Feza's song is great, nd it excited every body!

@KhasalelaD - @BigBroAfrica Angelo n Beverly cnt get enuf of each other 4eva kisn lol Doricah SA #BBATheChase #BigBroAfrica

@Thato_moralo - @BigBroAfrica wow this party rocks

@KayMachete - @BigBroAfrica Eveva i love the way you move your body. #BBATheChase

@kwakunyan - @BigBroAfrica sulupiscio mood activated !! #BBAthechase

@ZMcaba - Pokellos dances makes me shy as I'm sitting here, #BBATheChase @BigBroAfrica

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Beverly hmmmm, ow he dey do u? Tk am easyy oh

  2. This useless bev...where's is your mother? What a training she gave you. And as for oneal stop hating on west africa,use ur brain well.

  3. Beverly wat was she doin in dat bed breathing heavily shame on u

  4. Hmmm! D party don 2 day here oya rock dem one by one i say oya two by two. Ave fun.

  5. Its seems as if d most of d chicks in the chase r using fellas as their game plan, but its always their downfall as they inside don't no wat limits they shld stop @. C Betty, selly, n koketso. Oya Beverly b careful u might b next. Feza is not in lv she's jst acting 4 camera but even @ dat her alliance has messed up her initial game of luck to u all n may d best man win!!!!!!

  6. Gosh! I dnt like bevely or wat ever dey call her,i tink she is nt well trained