Saturday, July 06, 2013

Picnic Confessions

Saturday afternoon has come to mean one thing in the Big Brother House, the Housemates' infamous picnic shows.

In the Ruby House The spotlight loving Natasha did what she does best and turned the House into her own talk show. Today's Fatty Nat Picnic Show did not disappoint when it comes to confessions from the Housemates.

Pokello told the Rubies that she and Elikem have a ride or die kind of relationship. Meanwhile Elikem once again admitted that he is addicted to Pokello. "Pokello brightens up the place like the African sun," he said blushing. Aww, that's so sweet. He also admitted that Fatima is that friend that is in a relationship that is not there. Ouch!

Meanwhile during her in house interview Fatima played dumb when Natasha asked her about a statement that she made in the past about Elikem being the type of man that has the qualities that she likes in a man.

Speaking of unrequited love, Angelo did not hold his tongue when explaining why he never could be with Annabel. "Annabel is like a blonde. She is too slow for me," he said. Ouch!

In the Diamond House Annabel admitted that her crush on Angelo has fizzled. "When he left my feelings left with him,” the Kenyan told her fellow Housemates.

The Diamonds had their own Picnic Show hosted by the enigmatic Bassey. During her interview Beverly; who has been a lot of time with Bimp; admitted that she is unstable when it comes to men. “I may be romantically attached to Nando today but tomorrow I can be like f*** this,” said the sexy Nigerian.

Did you enjoy the Housemates picnic shows today?

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By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Lol wow!beverley is more like me,wen unstable wen it comes to love-feelings da questions 4 how long though?

  2. Fatty nah the newest vj bba carry on gurl

  3. Poor fatima,1at a tng elikem said..his relationship with pokello wnt last anywayz...I wish bev en bimp can hook up:)