Monday, July 15, 2013

Playing For Fun Is Fun

Mondays seem to be the one day that brings out the drama in all our Chasemates purely because they get to Nominate their fellow Housemates and explain why they want that particular person up for Eviction.

You’d hear things like “I don’t like the way she doesn’t clean up after herself or she doesn’t know how being Nominated feels like or he Nominated me so I’m merely returning the favour.” Biggie has heard it all, he is yet to be surprised by a different reason. So when it’s a Monday and it’s well after Nominations, the different Houses get up to their own thing which is usually nothing at all.

So earlier this evening, some of the Diamonds decided to kill time by playing volleyball in the garden, with the garden hose as the net. Initially there had been two players on each side but as soon as the screams echoed the House, two more players came out to play. The beautiful Dillish was both a player and the referee, keeping tabs on the score board as well.

Clearly the Housemates needed an activity to keep them busy and this seemed to be the happiest they been since Saturday night and at least this time they were not playing for Biggie’s affection like they would for a Task. Hopefully they can all keep up the energy for the real Task they will be getting tomorrow.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. They really need that! Please vote wisely .

  2. Please Africa let us send this Nando home he does not have regards for woman,all he talks about is bang bang bang without commitment,drugs,and alcohol.if he win the money he is only going to spend it on drugs.