Saturday, July 06, 2013

Pokello's Ride Or Die Love For Elikem

"I have his back just like he has mine. I ride and die for him like he does for me," those were the potent words that Pokello used to sum up her relationship with Elikem today.

The Zimbabwean made this statement in front of her man and all of their fellow Housemates this afternoon as the Chasemates were all gathered outside enjoying their always entertaining Natasha Picnic Show.

"This guy Elikem what are his plans for you," Angelo wanted to know. The sassy boutique owner was adamant that the few weeks that the Housemates have in the House is a short time for her man to hold off on any plans that he has for their union until The Chase is over.

What do you think; do Elikem and Pokello seem to have a ride or die kind of love?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Pokello is way too smart for Elikem. Elikem does not deseve her.

  2. I hate pokello with passion!elikem is a nyc but unstable dude...dah both of dem shuld make a decison of wat thy want

  3. Mxm who cares? No match though

  4. Elikem, please be careful with that girl. She is smarter then you.