Friday, July 19, 2013

Power of No: Feza and Annabel Banned

Feza and Annabel can forget about ruling the roost next week.

After winning the Power of No Task two days ago, Cleo and Beverly flexed their super powers by banning Feza and Annabel from participating in today's Head of House challenge. Everyone knows how important being HoH is in the game, especially now that the finish line is on the horizon. Head of House gives the title holder immunity from possible Eviction, as well as the chance to change the dynamics of the game by swapping Housemates at will.

Feza has been Head of House before and during her tenure, pulled off a memorable House swap that saw Pokello being separated from her man Elikem. A lot of her fellow Housemates took to the Diary Room and waxed lyrical about her leadership skills.

When delivering her speech 'Power of No' speech, Cleo told her fellow Rubies "Feza, you have been Head of House twice before, so I will exclude you. Elikem, you're Nominated for possible Eviction this week, so you have enough to deal with. I would like other Housemates who haven't had the opportunity to be Head of House, to be given a chance".

Beverly, on the other hand, chose Annabel because "you're up for Eviction this week, Annabel. That's the only reason. Don't take it personal".

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Beverly that was a good reason lol. Pokello till day 91

  2. Cleo jealousy gonna kill u.

    1. U cant be serious, its ur feza dat is the jealous one. I bet u she wnt scape the nxt eviction wen nxt he is up,

  3. Thnx Cleo, th@z reasonable #goteamPOKELLO#

  4. What's good about Feza to be Jealous for? Smmmmmh

  5. Kkkkkkkkk!do u call tht beauty????its only a light compltion othrwz l dnt c beauty on tht thng cld feza.vant wait 2 vote her out!!!!!go Pokello my vote is 4 u gal!!!

  6. Feza is a schemer not a friend.easily envious about her fellow female HMs and manipulate the male.Her game is Over.

  7. Take it easy guys. Stop hating