Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Power Of No: Natasha and Beverly Are Victors

Ruby’s talk show host Natasha and Nigerian model Beverly put a whole new meaning to the term “Girl Power.” After all was said and done, Biggie announced that they were the victors of the The Power of No Task.

As the Rubies were in the middle of their Wedding Task, with the boys still making the car, Biggie’s voice echoed through the garden and Natasha was announced as this week’s winner. The Malawian mama was all too overjoyed as she danced her way into the House. Finally she has some real power she can actually use.

The Diamonds were also busy minding their own business when Biggie hailed for their attention, to which he said Beverly was the winner in their House. Beverly then took her cloth and started modelling around the garden as she waved it, just like she probably does on the world stages she’s so used to.

The two have the power to choose which Housemate will sit out the Head of House Task this coming Friday. Who do you think Natasha and Beverly will pick to be excluded in the HoH Task?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Beverly>Pokello

    1. I dont know abt Beverly but for Natasha am sure will b Feza!!!

    2. Natasha- Elikem and
      Bev- Pokelo

  2. Beverly should return the favour and give it to Cleo, period

  3. Well for beverly is dellish and natasha is angelo

  4. For Natasha -- Elikem or Oneal
    For Bev - I really can't say, maybe Hakeem.