Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rendezvous: Oneal and Feza's Date

Ruby lovebirds Oneal and Feza spent the evening having some one on one time in Rendezvous Room.

The twosome's outing seemed slightly tense at times as Oneal spent the better part of the evening questioning his woman about everything from what it is that she wants from him to her differences with Pokello.

"Please put a little thought into your answers," he cautioned. The Tanzanian was visibly uncomfortable by him putting her on the spot and she quietly blurted out: "I wish we were having this conversation without any cameras around".

But eventually she answered: "I want joy with you, the future, I want love, I want babies. I want life with you." Aww, that's sweet. Later she shared that the one thing that she does not like about him is the fact that when they have disagreements he sulks and walks away until he wants to talk about it but she added that she would try to understand him.

The professional disc jockey told his girl that he is someone that wears his heart on his sleeve and he is also a person that holds grudges. "I know I am a complex man, I don't even understand myself at times," he confessed.

Things got very tense when he told her that she should accept the apology Pokello made to her earlier and that she should make an effort to get along with the Zimbabwean. "I don't have anything personal against her," said the Tanzanian. But she added "I don't trust her."

Did you enjoy Oneal and Feza's conversational date; Yes or No?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. NO! oneal is lucky to have a grl like feza if it was any gal he would hve lost hr 2 sme else

  2. Not at all , I dislike Oneals attitute , He's always Serious , he's not Romantic Ag no , let Feza leave this man

  3. Never Want him for a boyfriend.

  4. Hell NOOOOOO, why did he have to turn the date into a 3rd degree!!!!

  5. Not at all! He is not romantic.