Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ruby Proposal: In Oneal's Words!

As the Wedding draws near, we bring you Oneal’s breathtaking, heartwarming Marriage Proposal to his bride to be, Feza.

Venue: Ruby Toilet
Ring: Red Ruby-like
Bride: Feza
Proposal theme: Treasure Hunt

In Oneal’s words:

“You know they say experience is the best teacher but I think they were wrong. Because in all my 34 years I actually thought I had seen it all.
But I realise now that I actually have not seen anything at all. I have not experienced life yet. I’m yet to experience life.

Almost all my life I assumed that love was just basically the flowers, the walks in the parks and all the nice things that life has to offer.
I spent most of my life assuming that exactly was what life was

What I didn’t realise was that the few times I have been with you and I was so miserable – the misery we put each other through – that’s exactly what love is.
Just being miserable all the time and that’s what being with you has taught me.

So if being with you means being miserable everyday then I want to spend the rest of my life being miserable as long as I’m miserable with you

So, will you Feza Kessey (Feza laughs and screams “he knows my surname”) Jaden’s mom, will you do me the honours of being my wife?

Will you spend the rest of your life being miserable with me? The struggles, through the school fees, the fights, the late nights I arrive”

Applause and the Rubies sing: “Feza, Feza, you should understand”
What the Rubies had to say:

Fatima: “Honestly speaking, this is the best I’ve seen.”
Feza: “Oh I can’t believe it.”
Natasha to Biggie: “It was very creative, very unique and so real.”
Feza to Biggie: “His words, I feel they were genuine. I don’t think they had anything to do with the Task.”

Let's not forget that this is a game and the Proposal is part of the Wedding Task. What are you looking forward to at the Wedding?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Wow,I agree with Feza,the words must be real,I see them taking this whole thing to anoda level!

  2. Feza calm down he doesn't love u one bit

    1. u r soooo rite. I wonder wat pple ha been watching, Oneal is seriously committed to somebody already, he said this at the beginning of the show. I

  3. Anonymous 9.36pm, you are too fast to judge. They could be destined to live happily together after this show. Remember Kelvin and Elizabeth. Let's pray for them if it is real. Naija-Clor- POCOBIA

  4. Oneal is a good man with strong words I just love dat guy