Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Something's Fishy In The Diamond House

This evening Biggie's sneaky talking fish made a return to the Big Brother House to share a little secret with Nando but the pretty boy just was not having it.

Previously the talking fish paid Selly an unexpected visit in the House. The sheer shock and fear of the Ghanaian had hilarious results indeed. But this time around poor little fishy just did not have the same luck.

The young Tanzanian fellow, who was in the bathroom getting ready for his shower at the time, paid little mind to the unidentified voice even as it whispered: "Nando I have a secret to tell you". He merely peeked his head out of shower for a few seconds like a curious cat and then continued on getting ready for his shower.

Later the sneaky fish then tried to rope in Bassey to whatever little mission it had planned but unfortunately Beverly walked in before it could say much to the Sierra Leonean.

Aww, shame little fishy, better luck next time.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. i hate that nando guy how he can defame a fellow housemate for money

  2. but what if Nando is telling the truth....