Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sulu and Natasha's Heated Argument

Uh-oh, what is going on here? Is there beef between Natasha and Sulu?

This evening the two Rubies got into a heated argument which led to the Zambian warning the Malawian, "Don't push me". "If you say the way that I way I addressed you is wrong then how do you want me to address you," a calm Natasha wanted to know.

But Sulu was not interested in anything that she had to say, "I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to talk to you," he repeated. But Natasha was like a dog with a bone and she just did not want to let it go which only seemed to anger the Ruby fellow even more.

This quarrel all started because Natasha came and dragged the tennis table while Sulu and Angelo were playing because she wanted to clean up where they were and the Zambian did not take kindly to this. Meanwhile Angelo tried his best to calm his buddy down even though he clearly was annoyed at Natasha too. "Don't fight," he urged.

From the looks of things the brotherly/sisterly love affair that Natasha and Sulu once shared is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Just this past Monday Sulu Nominated her for Eviction and now they are squabbling. Will this Ruby pair ever again become the tight buddies that they used to be or is their friendship over?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Natasha has 4gtn that the house she is in at this particular juncture is nt hers.she really disrespected the guys

  2. She's rude, I knew this from day 1.

  3. Natasha seeking attention! But sulu is working on Oneal's script wich will nt favour him later! Natasha dat was toooooo wrong sis!

    1. exactly. Oneal is the brain behind Sulu's beef for Natasha. come to think of it,
      Oneal does not care abt any other person in the H but himself, He made Melvin the topic of discussion in the Ruby h ON Tuesday cos he believes Feza has feelings for Melvin ( which is correct anyway) but that is not Melvin's fault.

      ON this issue with Natasha, sulu's anger is all becos of the situation of thing b/w him and Selly. and the fact that Selly is meeting Melvin in the radanvour rm on sat-day.

  4. What's with the cleaning mama natasha? Nobody ever won d BBA by cleaning the entire house.She is so boring and annoying!

  5. Natasha i am really tired of you girl too chicky and emotional over small things (deleting the order, now pulling that tennis table without even saying excuse me aaaaah enough

  6. But Tasha, u should have still do ur cleaning with a little courtesy! We know u r very homely. Pulling the table was wrong for whatever reason. This chase is not a joke, its real. wake up and do the needful. BBA is not looking for the most hardworking or cleaner of the year.