Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Task: Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

As tradition would have it, all brides and grooms get to have the time of their lives the day/night before they tie the knot. This tradition was no different in Biggie’s House as the Housemates went all out preparing for tomorrow with a bachelor party for the guys and a bachelorette party for the women.

In the Diamond House, the bride-to-be Cleo was all smiles, yet again, when her fellow female Housemates had her drinking and dancing in front of the mirror in the Diamond lounge, of course Pokello couldn’t be outshined on the dance floor so she started with her raunchy dance moves and then showed the honeys how to ‘twerk.’ This was part of her lesson for the bride, on how to keep your partner interested in the bedroom. Bassey came and gave all the women a lap dance as part of the entertainment for the ladies.

In the meantime, upstairs Hakeem was getting the lap dance of his life when Nigerian model Beverly went all the way to his crotch in her red and white bikini. The Diamond men were there cheering their man on as he enjoyed the benefits of being the groom. Beverly clearly did a good job on Hakeem because the boys were all trying to touch the designated stripper as she was still busy with the groom. Down boys!

The Rubies were also enjoying the festivities of the evening with the boys downstairs giving the groom Oneal advice on how to keep love alive and they cheered him on being a man and proposing to the woman he loves. Sulu toasted to himself also being married one day.

The Ruby ladies upstairs were giving the bride advice on how to keep her man happy. Fatima told Feza that it’s no shame keeping the fire alive in her relationship. She advised her to even start going for pole dancing classes and if she was shy, she could teach Feza herself because she has experience doing that kind of thing. Fatima even went as far as demonstrating the perfect positions that make men go crazy. Feza had to also try these positions out to see if she’ll be able to do them.

It seems both Houses had fun doing the things they can’t really do on a daily basis, like showing each other raunchy moves and sexual positions. It’s funny how the two Houses come alive when sexual activities are introduced or is it because they were having bachelor and bachelorette parties tonight?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Natasha she's a profesional in al the sexy styles.

  2. Na wa for unaoo. No better talk only sex-sex-sex all the time. Una bi sex machine? This na reality show no bi blue, red, green or yellow film. My people make una grow up. Naija-Counselor-POCOBIA

  3. Huuu I so hate dis Pokello dance wat wat yeeeer!!!!!

  4. Dis 2013 biggie chase is nt chase at all but chase 4 sex talk