Saturday, July 20, 2013

Task: Bimp Will Lead The Masses Again

The Head of House Face-off Task has been issued and all Housemates were to play for the HoH title and every one of them were all too keen to be the next leader of the pack.

The Task: Biggie first chose three Housemates, Bimp, Alusa and Angelo, to take part in the HoH challenge. In the garden, they found three rubber rings and on the other side there was a wooden stand. The competitors had to line up on the red line in the garden and when the buzzer went off, one at a time, they threw the rubber ring towards the wooden stand. The Housemate that got the ring closest to the stand would then win the HoH challenge. One of the ninjas was in the garden to measure the distance between the three rubber rings.

In the Task brief, read by current HoH Sulu, Biggie had named a few Housemates to take part because not everybody could play. So Angelo threw his ring but missed the stand. Then it was Alusa’s turn to try his luck at being HoH but unfortunately he missed the stand as well. Bimp tried for his turn as well and although he missed the target, his ring was the closest. So immediately Biggie announced him as next week’s Head of House. Congratulations to the Ethiopian hottie, we hope leading the masses will give you much pride in yourself.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Mxm I knw dis will happen Angelo wldnt get his chance Biggie ur such a thief nxa

  2. Biggie is so unfair

  3. Who knws if Angelo is going home. But it must bounce between Pokello or Anabell.

    1. Well is none of ur business whether he is going out of the house on or not he is home already we are talking abt HOH here n we are voting unless u already knw the results u ll talk abt tht 2mrrw

  4. Biggie is unfair

  5. Biggie dats unfair.wen did u start choosing som particular persons for head of house task?Dis game is beggining to b in favour of som persons.