Thursday, July 18, 2013

Task: The Circus Comes To The Ruby House

The Rubies presented their Task with much discipline and enthusiasm as they exited the House in song and dance, it was all very entertaining to watch. Cleo as an MC led the circus crew with her strong voice.

Angelo introduced the different acts by the countries that they all came from. The ring master Oneal started the show off with his whip in hand and the two clowns, Sulu and Elikem ran onto the stage to do their funny piece.

Two of the hottest ladies in the Ruby House, Cleo and Pokello walked in in style and started with their sexy hula hoop act, which lasted for about a few minutes, with their smiles in place. Cleo was looking sizzling hot in a red dress while Pokello was as hot in her black number.

The two were later joined by the two clowns who wasted no time on acting silly and then the ring master came to join in the fun. Although there was no music, you could still see and enjoy their circus act because it was essentially what most circus acts looked like. After all that was done, Oneal introduced the Bearded Lady also known as Feza and what her role required her to walk about and sit down while wearing her beard. Oneal then introduced an act that was from South America, a short man that goes by the name of Fabio Corolo who is a miming magician. Angelo was Fabio and he did a good job on his performance.

The act ended with a board that wished former South African president a happy birthday and the Ruby song they came up with earlier. That was a nice touch from the Ruby House. Well done Rubies. They all did their best and it’s now up to Biggie to decide whether they win their Wager or not.

Do you think the Rubies will win their 100% Wager back?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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