Thursday, July 04, 2013

Task: For Better Or For Worse!

After days of preparation, the day everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived!

Tonight, Ruby House sweethearts Oneal and Feza, as well as Diamond lovebirds Cleo and Hakeem, are set to jump the broom in spectacular fashion, as part of the Wedding Task of course. This morning The Chasers received their final Task Brief before tonight's Task Presentation.

According to Big Brother's directive, the Chasemates need to prepare a proper wedding ceremony, complete with a wedding officer, best man, maid of honour, speeches and a dinner table laid out with a feast fit for the proverbial king and queen.

This final directive injected an extra dose of excitement as the bride, groom and bridal party bounced ideas around. "We'll need flowers and lots of feathers to make everything look good", Feza told her maid of honour Fatima, as she nursed a hangover from last night's debaucherous Hen party.

Oneal on the other hand quickly decided that Elikem would be his best man, but had to change his mind after Elikem revealed he doesn't have a black suit. "I don't have a black suit, but Angelo does", the Ghanaian said. As such, Angelo has now been bumped up from guest, to best man. What a 'come-up'.

In the Diamond House, Bimp has been taking his best man duties seriously, since Hakeem asked him to be by his side when he takes Cleo to be his wife.

Looks like Africa is in for a big treat tonight during the Task Presentation. Who will pull off the best wedding ceremony? The Diamonds or the Rubies?

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Please when is the task begining i.e(Time)?

  2. Diamond house ofcus

  3. Rubies r always on point

  4. Rubies are always on point....bur eva since melvin n beverly left ruby house it asn't being fun like it use 2 ß so i think its gonna ß the Diamond house!!!!!!

  5. Rubbie house ofcourse,dey r alwys on-point...on-point

  6. Rubby house on point...they really gud in presentation I love dat house