Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Task: Funny Circus Characters

A little prodding in the right direction by Big Brother never hurt nobody.

After being given a stern talking to this morning, the Diamonds licked their wounds and got to work. The Diamond House came alive this afternoon with bright colours, red noses and sparkles, as the Chasemates pranced about in their circus gear and tried to make their characters come alive.

There was laughter all round as a whip wielding Bassey took his character, Shakespeare of Yorkshire, for a spin around the garden. "Welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen. In a moment, I will transform myself into a sexy Diva called Eva", he said in a British accent.

Melvin, on the other hand, tried his hand at magic. Looking suave in his tux and top hat, the Nigerian flailed his arms about dramatically and pulled off a performance for Dillish, who squealed like a little school girl. "I love the show", she told a beaming Melvin. Nando's oversize clown outfit and wig didn't seem to brighten up his day.

Since morning, the Tanzanian has complained about being tired and missing his bed. However, when he saw Bimp and Melvin rolling around on the lawn, he managed to crack a smile.

We wonder what could be on his mind. Maybe the Diamond clowns need to practice some of their magic on him. Just a thought.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. nando is missing selly and cant say it bcos he realise wat he has done to selly

  2. Missing who? Nando is a ghetto boy who doesn't know anytin call friendship or rship.he said he bang n off.

  3. Hello people. Nando no sick anything. All is just tricks becos he knows dat his days in dat house are sooooooooooooo numbered.