Thursday, July 11, 2013

Task: Housemates On A Token Hunt

As part of this week’s Tasks, the Housemates were on a Token hunt. This token was hidden somewhere in the House and whoever found it first would be awarded the opportunity to have a private video chat with a Housemate from one of the other Houses.

The Tokens, if found, indicated which House the luck Housemate would have a video chat with. Biggie would also choose which Housemate the lucky Housemate would be chatting with in the other House. The video chat will happen at some point next week.

In the Ruby House, the Housemates were busy looking for the Token, some were upstairs while others were adamantly searching downstairs. Sulu shouted out that he had found a Token, only to find that he hadn’t. His fellow Housemates were not entirely chuffed about him tricking them, especially because each one of them had the hopes of being the one having a video chat preferably to one of the mysterious Emerald Housemates. And the search continues.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. MUMU wat am I using Video chat with my fellow housemate to do, why not a friend or Family member, I won't partake in such a task if I am there

  2. Yeah...would rather chat with family!Gbam!!!