Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Task: It's A Chess Thing

As soon as morning came, the Rubies headed to the garden to kick off the Chess Task Big Brother gave them yesterday.

Today, it was an all-out battle of the mind between Sulu and Selly. On hand with a couple of pointers for the sexy Ghanaian was South Africa's Angelo.

At first, confident Sulu went at it alone, but decided to recruit Oneal when the going got tough. Angelo couldn't resist flirting with Selly as the game of chess reached its climax. "I wouldn't mind tasting your prawns", he said, sending Selly into fits of laughter. Ok then Angelo!

The Diamonds on the other hand seemed more concerned with doing their laundry, than putting in work. The gang put off their chess game for a little later this afternoon.

With a 100 percent Wager at stake, will they do enough to impress Big Brother? After all, we all know how 'less than stellar' their Task Presentation track record has been.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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