Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Task: Movie Stars In The Making

It’s that time of the week and Biggie has issued this week’s Task for our Chasemates to not only keep themselves busy but also prove that they are still worthy to be part of The Chase. Will the Housemates pull their weight and not be lazy this week? Hopefully this Task will keep them motivated after last week’s loss.

HoH Bimp went into the Diary Room where Biggie instructed him to make sure that he discusses this week’s Wager with his fellow Housemates and get back to him. After a long hassle with a few sleeping Housemates, Bimp finally got them to cooperate and get down to the lounge where he read the Task brief.

The Housemates will be part of the Ghandour Big Brother Movie Festival this week and so the HoH had to split the House into two groups.

The Task: Ghandour supplied a range of items that had to be used as props in the Ghandour Big Brother Movie Festival. Each group had to conceptualise, script, rehearse, direct and film the Ghandour movie. One group would be filming an Action Romance and the other a Tragic Love Story. All Housemates had to take part in the Task in order for the House to win its Wager. The Housemates had to create a Hero prop which would feature in each of the movies and it had to be one of the Ghandour products provided.

There was also an information document that was provided which Housemates had to use as reference material on how to incorporate the main editorial elements in each movie. All Housemates had to be actors except two Housemates who are required to double up either as the director or the camera operator. The winning group would win a further reward in the form of a takeout meal from a chain of their choice from a list provided.

The whole House has decided to Wager 100% of their shopping allowance this week because they are confident they’ll win the Ghandour Movie Festival Task because after all they are stars in the making. We can’t wait to see what ideas they come up with and hopefully they’ve learned their lesson on laziness when it comes to Tasks. Biggie gave them a stern warning last week, this week he might not be so lenient.

Do you think the Housemates will win their Wager this week?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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