Thursday, July 25, 2013

Task: No Cavities!

Cracking a smile never looked so fun!

There was laughter in the House this morning when the Chasemates finally got to don their tooth outfits for the Close Up challenge, after working hard to make them come to life yesterday. Big Brother issued this directive to encourage the Housemates to make each other smile.

As soon as the directive was issued, the Housemates donned their tooth outfits and awkwardly filed out of the House and headed to the garden. At the sound of the buzzer, the Housemates took their places on the lawn and formed a smile. Sulu played dentist and brushed each of his fellow Chasemates using a toothbrush, inciting a bout of hysterical laughter and muffled giggles.

The Housemates are expected to wear their outfits the whole day and should anyone go against Biggie's orders, this week's Task Wager might be in danger.

By Ngeti Dlamini


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