Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Task: The Pieces Of An Award-Winning Wedding

The follow up Task was issued and it required the male Housemates to build a wedding car in the garden while the female Housemates create a wedding dress that the groom wasn’t allowed to see before the wedding, as tradition normally states in the real world.

All bridesmaids and the bride were required to take part in the making of the dress and all the men were to work together in building the car.

The Ruby men quickly took to the Task as they threw around ideas of the ideal wedding car. Oneal suggested they build a vintage car which is usually what people use at weddings. Angelo had ideas on how to decorate the doors and the sides. Seemingly the Ruby men had this Task on lock down, but getting started could prove otherwise.

The ladies sat upstairs in the bedroom and evaluated the items they were given to start making the ideal bridal dress. The jack of all trades Fatima was already on the floor with a needle, thread and pink material. It was still unclear how the dress would end up looking but if you put this Malawian chick on anything, chances are it will turn out awesome. We can’t wait to see what both Houses will produce for Presentation on Thursday.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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  1. Fayima is so talented. I voter for her