Thursday, July 11, 2013

Task Presentation: Game On

The Rubies kicked off this week's Task Presentation with what they call 'The Ruby Juncture Games'.

Natasha introduced the athletes who would be competing for the grand prize - a yummy cocktail. The Chasemates love their alcohol, don't they?

The athletes warmed up on the sidelines as Natasha introduced the games master, played by Oneal and then quickly sprang into action at the buzzer. Despite fighting the good fight, Pokello was disqualified by the games master, while a tired looking Sulu fell by the wayside.

Elikem and Selly emerged as the strongest contenders and after a fight to the end, Selly emerged the winner. Can you say 'Girl Power'? For her efforts, Selly walked away with a delicious cocktail created by Angelo's hands, which she gulped down on the spot. Was the Ruby performance enough to guarantee a win? We'll have to wait and see!

The Diamonds on the other hand, pulled off aboard game called 'Diamond Island', where two players were tasked with saving the gorgeous princess at the finishing line. The princess was played by Dillish, while Nando and Bimp fought off boobie traps, witches and other obstacles to get to the other side.

There were cries of "Save me" as Bimp and Nando tried their best to get to the princess, who had been captured by two witches.

Giving their all: Click here to watch the video..

By Ngeti Dlamini

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  1. MELVIN THE CHASE.All u do is win win win no mata wat! D real deal. But diss bassey story is it true?