Thursday, July 25, 2013

Task Presentation: Movie Magic

Excitement filled the air in the Big Brother House as soon as celebrity guest judges, Jackie Appiah and Akin Omotoso, walked in.

@sinesiphohela - Oooooh my word! Jackie Appiah is BEAUTIFUL! #BBATheChase

@simpz_mwelase - drooling over @akin omotoso with his fine self on #BBATheChase

The award winning film stars were met with warm hugs and enthusiasm from the Chasemates who immediately marched themselves over to the garden to showcase their films. First up was Nando's team that had Melvin and Cleo as the main characters in their Tragic Love Story. Unfortunately for them their time ran out before they could get to the crux of their story.

In Elikem's team it was the sisters that ruled in their jam packed Action Romance; Emerald Housemates Eveva and Jazz outshined the rest with their convincing acting skills.

Oneal, who played a police officer also did a good job while his real-life lover Feza was the street walker that he recruits to go undercover in a brothel.

Which of the two films did you enjoy the most; the Action Romance or the Tragic Love Story?

By Lihle Jacobs



  2. Definitely the tragic love story wow! Cleo is such a good actress lol

  3. Tragic love story wooooooooow n melvin n cleo nailed it.although der was a short tym cos dat wasn't d end of dat film.cleo later fell sick n was diagonized cancer of d heart,der was no donor n melvin had she was sick bcos he loves her so much he donated hi heart 4cleo to live.Meenh it was so real n emotional.up melvin n cleo!

    1. Tragidy love waooooo! Melv and cleo finish work..... We'll done melv

  4. Action romance...woooow jazz bby,,,all actors were on point actually,,they have acting skills...well done

  5. Tragic story cleo and melvin nailed it but sulu brot the fun part imagine him omotola geneveva ibu and sulu in one movei hey chineke