Thursday, July 11, 2013

Task: Victory All Round!

The Chasemates are on a roll!

After trudging through the week preparing for tonight's Task Presentation, the Chasemates finally won their 100 percent Wager.

The Diamonds looked like they were the most nervous as they awaited the Task Judgement. Why wouldn't they be considering how they have been losing Tasks like it’s going out of style.

Tonight however, both the Rubies and the Diamonds heaved collective sighs of relief. Despite long, drawn-out Presentations, the gang impressed Big Brother. "Housemates brains were stretched by the chess, their fitness was tested by the table tennis and their artistic skills were brought out in the Rubik's cube art", Biggie said.

When the all-important "You have won your Wager" announcement was made, the Housemates went crazy and ran to the Store Room where they found some yummy treats, courtesy of Biggie.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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