Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Task: Weather Forecast

Today, the Chasemates have been Tasked with presenting a weather report that is entertaining and unique, as part of this week's Big Brother Highlights Show Task.

Everyone in the House is required to take part in the show, which will also be linked to the Comedy sketch the Housemates did yesterday. As soon as the Task Brief was read, the Chasemates decided Dillish and Cleo would make perfect weather girls.

The two then stood in front of the white screen and presented their weather report. Cleo went first and told her watching fellow Housemates "We have rain brought by the god of rain, Zeus." Dillish followed with her own funny report. "We have strong winds blowing furiously from the kitchen and later we will have very wet rain," the Namibian said.

Dillish and Cleo's weather report sparked a lot of debate about whether the content was ideal. "I think the weather report needs to be serious, with fun elements so that we win the Wager," Elikem said. Angelo, on the other hand, thought the girls executed it perfectly. "I think its fine. This is exactly how it should be," Angelo said.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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