Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Task: When A Movie Comes Together

The exciting times are back in the Ruby House thanks to Biggie issuing the Ghandour Big Brother Movie Festival Task that had all Housemates brainstorming viable ideas for a movie. The split groups each had to be on different parts of the House so they be free with their flow of ideas.

In the garden, you could hear Alusa’s loud voice telling his fellow crew that there needs to be a friend for the cop who is the hero of their movie. Sophie had suggested that the main character, who is a cop, be the kind of man that frequents a brothel. Then Oneal stepped in with his idea of this man having a girl that he needs to save from evil people and should have a soft spot for her because he too was born in a brothel.

Eveva incorporated her massaging skills into the movie by suggesting that she be the masseuse that works at the brothel. Ideas were in full steam in this group and all sounded very promising.

Annabel had suggested that the hero’s friend be a fellow cop as well so that he could help his friend (the hero) get the girl to safety. Alusa wanted the hero’s friend to have a corky accent as well.

Meanwhile inside the House, Sulu and Angelo stood in the corridor trying to find a workable concept for their movie. Although most of their group members were doing their own thing, the others were quite keen on getting things started. They don’t seem to have taken a long time conceptualizing their movie because already they were acting out the few ideas they had. Their brainstorming session was rather too quick but maybe they know what they are doing. Hopefully this will be enough to impress Biggie because everyone is counting on both groups winning the Wager.

What do you think will happen if the one group wins the Wager and the other one doesn’t?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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  1. Biggie don't try it but I know d will.