Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Task: Whose Close Up Smile Is The Best?

The Housemates are kept quite busy today as they received a follow up Task from Biggie straight moments after they had finished with the Power of No Task. This one required the Housemates to make the best smile they’ve ever seen.

The Task: Housemates found props and material in the garden to help them create a Close up smile. Each Housemate had to make one wearable tooth costume while making use of the supplied materials. Housemates had the evening to finish their creations and had to use the reference pictures that were supplied as inspiration. They also had to work together to build an oversized toothbrush which will be used at a later stage to clean the teeth costumes prior to creating a big Close Up smile.

To add to the Task today, Big Brother and Close Up would like Housemates to forget all about their problems and just keep on smiling. The Housemates had to go out of their way to make other Housemates smile.

Needless to say, as soon as the doors were opened, the Housemates went into the garden and alas found the said material together with a lot of sponges that they needed to convert to teeth. Once they got started there was no stopping them as each one took to their project.

And as it was stated in the brief, the Housemates had to attempt making others smile while they were busy with their projects. You would’ve expected funny men Sulu and Nando to have jumped at this opportunity but no they didn’t, instead they were each busy trying to get things done. This meant that there was literally no Housemates trying to make others smile, instead there was chitter chatter here and there. So we wait to see their tooth creations and a killer Close Up smile.

Who do you think has a chance of winning this Task?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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