Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Task: Will You Marry Me?

This week’s Task is by far the most provocative of them all, Biggie has gone all out. But what did we all expect from him? He has Tasked the Housemates to pair up, draw up a plan and get hitched! Talk about jumping the broom… or is it a gun?

The Task: To make the most beautiful wedding dress and building a wedding car is the most important part of the Task. Housemates were required to incorporate their traditional wedding practices and ceremonies to prepare for Presentation night on Thursday. They need to select bridesmaids, best men, a wedding official and plan an award-winning wedding night. As usual the Wager is at stake.

In the Ruby House, out of a random process of selecting partners, as luck would have it Oneal and his girl Feza were paired. And in the Diamond House, Hakeem did the honourable thing and got down on his knee and proposed to girl Cleo. It all seemed so real for Hakeem and Cleo couldn’t help but give him a passionate kiss, even though they had agreed to give each other space. It's a pity the proposal wasn't the real thing.

Biggie is either too smart for us or the pairing was really random. But what are the chances that the people already in a relationship chose each other for the Wedding Task? Could it really be fate at play here? Better yet, could the relationships be worth more than what the Housemates are willing to invest? Hopefully Thursday will yield more clear results.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Biggie you are awesome.you are so full of ideas. Waooo! carry go Africa is proud of you

  2. ice creem biggie just send fatima home so that we can enjoy our hacleo,We luv and africa vote for them.

  3. oneal and feza match made in hell.

  4. If only Beverly know how much Cleo hate her. Cleo is always trying to put Beverly up