Monday, July 08, 2013

The Booze Chase

Bimp and Bassey have morphed into quite the booze-stashers.

These two, who are as thick as thieves, showed off deft skill when they invaded the Store Room and had their pick of the finest alcohol on offer.

Once they had hidden the alcohol in their clothes, the two calmly walked out of the Store Room and rushed upstairs to hide their bounty, away from prying eyes, with Melvin and Nando in tow. When will the Diamond girls finally catch on to the fact that these two have been stashing? We know alcohol is as important as oxygen in the Big Brother house, as evidenced by the many fights that have popped off because of it.

One incident which comes to mind is the Saturday night fiasco where the Rubies discovered that someone had stolen their booze. Sulu even threatened to kick the Diamonds Chasemates out of the Ruby House if the booze wasn't found. Luckily, Angelo saved the day after scouring the garden. The culprit obviously was Bassey.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Stealing is stealing no matter the style used. The two of them should not provoke others.

  2. Bassey doesn't even really drink!lol!

  3. I hate wat the diamonds do wen they go to the rubies house biggy should stop that s**t