Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Emeralds Are For Real

Today the Housemates had more video chats with the not-so-mysterious Emeralds again, their first few video chats were done yesterday much to Elikem and Annabel’s satisfaction. Now both the Rubies and the Diamonds are convinced that the Emeralds are really part of the game, at least most of them are.

First up in the Diamond House was Feza who got to the Diary Room and got to chat with the hot Zimbabwean by the name of JJ. He told her that the Ruby and Diamond chicks are much hotter than the chicks in his House. He then went on to ask about the Zambian beauty Dillish, he wanted to know what her name was and Feza told him. Understandably Feza wanted to find out how many of the Emeralds were there and whether they played Arena games like the Diamonds and Rubies did. JJ told the confused Tanzanian that their Arena games are conducted in their garden. Feza came back not convinced of these Emeralds and so was her better half Oneal.

JJ had another video chat with Diamond HoH Bimp who was too excited to meet him, even though they had technical sound problems at the beginning. There was just too little time for Bimp’s questions and JJ’s curiosity about the beautiful Dillish. JJ told Bimp that a guy from Tanzania called Johnny walked out of The Chase because he couldn’t take it anymore. Bimp laughed at this revelation and asked even more questions instead. He wanted to know how the Emeralds knew about them and so JJ told him about a little TV they have in the House where they are able to see all the other Chasemates. It looked like Bimp was more than sold to the existence of the Emeralds.

The last video chat of the day was between Kenyan beauty Jazz and Angelo. They got along from the onset, with Jazz asking Angelo whether he was a ‘half cast’ and a confused Angelo wanted to know whether that meant he was a mixed breed or coloured, to which he admitted that he was. He asked Jazz whether they had Arena games and she told him that the only games they play are with one another in their garden and they also have their parties there as well. Jazz asked him whether the girl he was dancing with at Party Zone was his girlfriend or not. Angelo couldn’t resist smiling and said that was his girl indeed. Jazz was referring to Beverly of course. Before long Biggie ended their session and Angelo went back to tell the Rubies that he was convinced that the Emeralds were for real. So now all the Housemates are convinced that the Emeralds are for real, except Oneza.

Here’s what some of you had to say about the Emeralds today:

@fifi_judik - Biggy should hv brought professionals these fake Emeralds r going to mess up his plans #bbathechase #BigbroAfrica

@shamms_p3101 - @BigBroAfrica Video chat feza & emerald HM JJ. Biggie wants feza to change her conspiracy strategy to emeralds.#BBATheChase

@NixAsh01 - RT"@2mpumi_Msibi: Good one my gal Feza, she doesn't buy d whole Emeralds house things good gal they are Fakes #BBATheChase"

@coconutable - Biggie ur fake emeralds keep messing up... The DHMs n RHMs are not dumb they very smart #bbathechase

@BBATeamSA - It looks like Rubies (except Oneza) are convinced Emeralds exist. Diamonds however aren't having any of that except Dillish #BBATheChase

What do you think the Emeralds’ mission is on The Chase?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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  1. Biggie should please train them very well cos d ruby and diamond houses r gonna outsmart them and it won't be nice at the end..let them have same accurate answers to any question from both houses or they should ignore the one they aren't sure of....