Friday, July 12, 2013

The Line Between Love and Like

Now that Selly has gone to the Diamond House, Sulu came clean about his feelings for the Ghanaian actress to his fellow Housemates Cleo and Angelo, while they enjoyed themselves in the Jacuzzi.

The two Ruby Housemates were trying to make Sulu understand the dynamics of liking and loving someone of which they resolved that Sulu loved Selly even though he was adamant that he likes her. “No Sulu, when you like someone, you don’t really care much about what they do with others,” Cleo had said in an attempt to calm him down. But everyone knows how Sulu feels about Selly, except Sulu.

“Selly told me that Sulu never proposed her,” said the South African choreographer Angelo, trying to make Sulu understand that a woman needs to be courted into a relationship and the lines need to be crystal clear so there is no misunderstanding. This is the basis of most relationship but we suspect that Sulu could see the type of woman Selly is, considering her rendezvous with Nando a while back. So it’s safe to say that he doesn’t want to pursue someone who will not respect him in the long run.

Cleo assured Sulu that it’s not that she doesn’t like him but because this is a game and she has a man back home makes things a little bit hard for her at this particular juncture. So clearly Nando was a bad mistake but they both got what they wanted from each other, despite her outside relationship.

“Last night she said to Sulu that she was now free to do anything she wanted,” Angelo said referring to Selly hinting that she was ready for a relationship with the Zambian businessman. But it seems as Sulu sat in that Jacuzzi he was hoping that he could finally get it right with Selly. Never give up buddy, you’ll never know what will happen in Biggie’s House.

Do you think Selly and Sulu will eventually get it together?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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  1. If they both don't leave they make a good couple togather .