Monday, July 01, 2013

The Partner I Want

Some of the Ruby Housemates stayed up and started chatting about the type of partners that they associate themselves with. Annabel told Sulu and Oneal what kind of man she was looking for in life and the kind woman she is.

“I am a career oriented woman and have varied interests in life that I would like my partner should have,” Annabel explained herself to a very skeptical Oneal and Sulu. Oneal asked her to pretend that she was in a date with him and wanted to know what questions she would therefore ask him. She wanted to know what kind of woman he would be interested in.

Angelo jumped in and said that if he were in that kind of scenario, he’d listen more than talk to his date because the key thing when people get together is to get to know them first and not go on a lot about themselves, especially when not asked.

Sulu said that the worst thing modern woman do is to always rush into the sack, whereas when they take their time they get to know that person and inevitably fall in love with them. Oneal agreed by saying that woman always fall in love first before having known their partner and with men things like that don’t come easily because he might see someone else that he likes more.

Seemingly there is no one remedy for finding a partner, let alone keeping him. The search continues guys. Sulu’s advice on praying about a partner is probably the best in the entire conversation.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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  1. Sulu is correct because any relationship without God is equivalent to a body without head