Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Rubies Are Always Ready

It is no wonder the Rubies always win their Tasks, it’s because they are always well prepared and well in advance. This House takes nothing for granted and that’s how they remain the leaders of The Chase, when it comes to Tasks and cleanliness, of course.

Oneal was busy trying to put last minute pieces to the Rubies nameless game, hours before their Task Presentation today. Oneal, always being the brains on all Ruby operations had his serious face on, not that he ever takes it off. He strategically placed white arrows on the floor right after the white pillars that were also placed on the side of the garden.

This game had better be interesting and most importantly fun because by the looks of it, a lot of planning and thinking went into it. Angelo and Sulu, who were also helping piece the game together, were singing “We are Champions”, they were clearly feeling the winning spirit together and were confident that they will kill this Task, pretty much like the others they’ve won. Angelo told Oneal that he needed to think of the name of the game. We trust that by the time Presentations starts, they would have thought of a fitting name.

The Diamonds on the other side are either cleaning or still sleeping.

Who do you think will win this week’s Task thus getting their 100% Wager?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana