Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wager: All In For The Circus Task

The Chasemates decided to risk it all by Wagering 100 percent for this week's Task.

After impressing Big Brother for two weeks straight, the confident Diamonds decided to Wager 100 percent for this week's Circus Task. At first, there was confusion and a stalemate of sorts after Nando refused to budge from a 75 percent Wager. "I've decided I'm going to sleep the whole day today so I don't know about a 100 percent Wager", the Tanzanian said irritably.

After Bassey gave a short pep talk about how a hundred percent Wager requires a 100 percent effort and how the Diamonds need to step their game up and stop being lazy, it was finally agreed that the full monty is the only way to go. The Rubies on the other hand were quite clear that they have never slacked off and will not start now. When Head of House Sulu went into the Diary Room, he was all "100 percent or bust Big Brother".

The Diamonds are infamous for being lazy when it comes to Tasks. Will they step their game up this week? The Chasemates have been tasked with transforming the Big Brother house into a colourful, fun circus this week.

They will perform tricks, juggle and hoola hoop for dear life and for a sweet Wager Victory on Thursday evening, during the Task Presentation.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Everytin is nando Nando Nando. I hate him wt passion.Alwayz seeking attention n distroyin peeps.His own strategy is toooo bad cos is peeps lives n future his destroyin.Nando must go home!

  2. That Nando guy is a saddest this is the second story he is telling in the house about his family. From his stories he hasnt really experience love in his life, that is why he is so mean, he doesnt have feelings, so arrogant. I wonder what Africa sees in him, to keep saving him. It means we have lost our values to keep a guy like this in the house.

  3. Thats why Africa should keep him in d game,even if he doesnt win the money,if he can come close to top 5,it might probably mean something to him and help him change his perspective about life and people in general.its no wonder pokello says he is a lost soul when biggie or someone asked how she evaluated Nando....hey Nando! buckle up,we all knw life sucks but we gotta kip moving on.

  4. haute good comments