Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wager: All Or Nothing

Is it greed or is it faith? Who knows! But one thing is for sure, the new Rubies have tasted the sweet taste of a grand victory and now they want more.

The Housemates once again put it all on the line choosing to bet a 100% Wager for this week's Task. For the Task, the Housemates will have to put on a Big Brother Highlights Show. There will be a presenter for the show and the other Housemates must act out the script. There must also be a director and TV crew.

This Task carries on in the same trail as last week's Task that saw the Housemates showcasing their acting skills for the Big Brother Ghandour Film Festival. The Chasemates even had celebrated African film stars Jackie Appiah and Akin Omotoso as guest judges at the Task Presentation.

What do you think; will the Housemates manage another Wager win this week or will it be starvation for them all?

By Lihle Jacobs