Friday, July 12, 2013

Wendall's Trial Date Set

The trial of former Big Brother Africa winner Wendall Parson and his brother William, who are facing charges of fraud involving more than $20 000 in an alleged car insurance scam, will begin on August 6.

Wendall, who appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court yesterday, is on $200 bail.

Allegations against the two arose on March 16 after William was involved in a car accident while driving Wendall’s vehicle, a Ford Ranger. A report of the accident was made at Borrowdale Police Station and it is alleged on the day the accident occurred, Wendall’s vehicle was not insured.

Further allegations are that after the accident, Wendall connived with his brother and hatched a plan to defraud Alliance Insurance Pvt Ltd.

On March 18, William allegedly went to insurance brokers where he applied for comprehensive insurance for the Ford Ranger together with two other trailers.

A few days after insuring the vehicle, it is alleged Wendall filed an insurance claim and attached fraudulent documents purporting that the accident occurred on March 28 when it had occurred on March 16.

The insurance company processed the claim and Wendall was to be given $23 750 for the vehicle.

Before he was given the money, the State alleges, the insurance risk department carried out investigations and discovered that the accident had occurred before the car was insured.


  1. Zim u guyz are trying hard in all angles.Wendell n his innocent looks.Gudluck bro.

  2. Who would ever think that Wendall would do such. Sorry and be of good behaviour.

  3. Naija-Clor-POCOBIA hand no deooo? You see that is why I fear Quiet people. They are always dangerous